KOME TONG CLASSIC / Autumn and Summer 2010 Collection / Lord


His Latest collection, Autumn and Summer 2010 collection, is named ‘Lord’ I have been inspiration from Lanna Civilization to the Lord of Chiang mai ‘Lanna Kingdom 1808-1908’ and that’s how he created his new design to be distinctive and extraordinary. Anoter textile, is the combiantion of color and fabric that gives ideas about aold photograph color, Thai silk, organic handmade cottton, denim, jeans, that is useful for his collection.

Prince Sukkasem’s of Chiang mai (1880-1913), the son of Jao (Prince) Kaew Naawarat, Chiang mai viceroy, went to study in St. Patrick’s School, Malamaeng, a province of Burma (1895), he fell deeply in love with a young Burmese girl named Ma Mia. ‘The Romantic Myth of Ma Mia’

comeing soon!

on sale 

october 2009 at KOME TONG CLASSIC Chiang mai


~ by Rattanaphol Taja on May 9, 2009.

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