KOME TONG CLASSIC MEN Jecket / The Lanna’s Fabric



Weaving Teahniques ‘Yok Dok’ (Twill and Satin Weaver) This type is woven in 4 heddle patterns in twillstyle. They come in white, beige and black with asmall diamond design. Lanna Fabric Fashion style, more then a century ago, KOMETONG CLASSIC Systems are built on the next generation incorporating the most innovative Technologies.

Quiksilver has made alittle textile breakthrough with their ‘Diamond Dobby’ Fabric which reduces skin contact with boardshorts to prevent rashes from prolonged contact with wet clothes. The little diamonds raise the fabric from the skin, reducing cantact by 30%.

KOME TONG CLASSIC / FALL 2007 Collection Chiang mai Thailand, Noveember 24, 2006

QUIKSILVER / Feel the Future 2009 Global

~ by Rattanaphol Taja on September 5, 2009.

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