United Crystal Woods / by Marcel Wanders for Baccarat

Namton, From water or water from a water container or a place called lonely people enter the water from a container production and the Lanna people enter the water for drinking. As a result, the pottery used in the combustion temperature is not high professionals. Soil texture is rough and porous thick log majority makes a good cooling. Water in containers of cooling conditions are maintained regularly.

From archaeological evidence. Discovered parts of water in the period from j Hri Pu Chai. Age range Buddhist era associated Worachai want to want 19 to 22, which form from water that is unique and beautiful way to do that process more complicated. Never considered art pottery in contemporary science is very high. Know the color of the soil and ground water in each source. To create colorful patterns on pottery. It is that water from the edge j Hri Pu Chai is great beauty and value. Current Nobody, which is able to restore this knowledge.

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has designed a collection of glasses, vases and candelabras for French crystal brand Baccarat, including this family of stainless steel deer with candelabra antlers (above).

Above: L’Ivresse des Bois

Above: L’Ivresse des Bois (Woods of Euphoria) Marcel Wanders, a self-professed hedonist of great wines, focuses his talent and humor on wine glasses and carafes—which often have little character. Working with an oenologist, he added a Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne glass to the traditional blank, featuring elegantly turned stems engraved with his favorite seal. The famous clown’s nose that pops up in his collections has become a motif for the stem and the stopper, produced in Baccarat red or clear crystal. Two magnificently elegant carafes—including one decanter—complete this sophisticated line geared to all design and wine connoisseurs.


~ by Rattanaphol Taja on February 10, 2010.

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  1. This is great design. I love Marcel Wanders Pieces of Art!

    I just want you to show my favorite design pieces.. try to see them in

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