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The unique identity of Kome Tong brand has led itself to be salected as one of the 20 for the Talent Thai Designer 2008 and to the Object list for HRH Crown Princess of Denmark’s Visit.

Fine and elaborate artwork show on the astonishing lanterns is the creative work of the young designer and owner of Kome Tong brand – Khun Yo or Rattanaphol Taja

“Kome Tong is a traditional Lanna lantern which is made by piercing paper to create a fine decoration design.” Khun Yo was inspired when he met his friend’s father who is a Lanna expert in making traditional pierced lanterns. However, the knoeledge cannot be handed down to anyone outside a blood line. So, Khun Yo had to study how to make it by himself, with just one lantern as an example.

“I have changed the technique to a certain degree. Traditionally a chisel is used to pierce and punch holes, but i got a better result by using cutters. Later, I made it more modren to reach a wider group of customers. I started with using bamboo sticks with Sa-paper, and then changed to do paper cutting laminated with plastic. My latest technique is printing the design on plastic since I have to produce a lot so I need a factory line like a printing press to assist me.”

His latest collection, the black lantern with floral print which was selected as one of the 20 Talent Thai Designer by Department of Export Promotion, is named ‘Pearl’ Khun Yo said he got imspiration from the Arabian poet who compares pearl to the ‘tears of the moon’ And that’s how he created his new design to be so distinctive and extraordinary.

It is obvious that every piece of work from Kome Tong is not at all the reproduction of Lanna cliche’ art we are all accustomed to, but ratheer it is the development and expansion of ideas to to improve on his own culture without forgetting his roots.

Inspirations and life style. 

Book : The Symbolism of stupa and The Magic of Mathematices

A book translated from English detailing the core and history of architecture and explaining the concept of architectural appearances, Khun Yo uses this book to develop his products. Another book is the combinationof arts and mathematics that gives ideas about a new from of geometry that is useful for his products.

Travel : Krabi

It’s a place where he can traval and work. Krabi has plenty of ‘toey panan’ – a plant similar to the water hyacinth used for basketry. Toey Panan is softer and obtains better color when dyed and Khun Yo order a lot of these as products for his shop. he also finds many of the traveling sites in Krabi very attractive.

Music : James Blunt 

An English singer of soft rock with a hint of acouatic sounds, Khun Yo loves the English accent and also loves the personal life of the singer. James Blunt actually had a miliyary career but he chose to be a singer. Khun Yo sees his life as a guideline that one should follow their hearts and do their best.


~ by Rattanaphol Taja on June 29, 2010.

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