The Clothing Hut x Kometong Classic

The Clothing Hut, Best of Clothing & Accessories, March 2011


2000 09 Twenty-three age, Kome Tong brand new store. Today, Kome Tong and Kometong Classic, Already generating a name for himself as a designer who can adapt this distinct aesthetic to modern life.

RATTANAPHOL TAJA DESIGN, KOME TONG : Hometown Chiang mai, Kometong’s Lanna chic (Kingdom of Lanna) ‘Chiang mai 715 year Civilization’

Kometong classic’s Conch logo, Gift, Household, Furniture, Fashion, Jewelry Maker Handicrafts Designer KOME TONG Fashion Designer KOMETONG CLASSIC Male 35 Fine Art Handicrafts Fashion Designer RATTANAPHOL TAJA DESIGN, KOME TONG Chiang mai Thailand, Young as well as Chic.

1 Fashion Blog The latest fashion style tips on the photo by 2009 twelve 01 group hair 2010-2011 a far-reaching operation of skin tones creation this gem a undying classical of a gem world Kometong Classic Rattanaphol ‘Yo’ Taja began his career in pattern as an designer though by Brooke Lew add your examination here name email.

A History of KOME TONG Rattanaphol Taja, Today Kome Tong as well as Kometong Classic Already generating the name for himself as the Architecture who can conform this graphic cultured to complicated life Kometong Classic.

KOMETONG CLASSIC Summer 2008, MANGRAI a aristocrat s knights Drawing ink upon paper 30.0 x 42.0 cm. KOME TONG Lamp 2008 Collection, COSMIC OCEAN handmade cutting.

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~ by Rattanaphol Taja on March 15, 2011.

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  1. Great looking site, very interesting

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