Jaturont Thanapura x Chandelier magazine x Rattanaphol Taja / Preview Full Issue

Rattanaphol Taja, Interview Chandelier Magazine Monthly, November 2008

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Now is the time for cold and gentle breezes, with this year predicted to be a little colder than last. I presume that many of you will love it and hope you enjoy travelling in this cold season with warmth and safety for your body and soul.

Chandelier this issue will take you to enjoy Chiang Mai’s outdoor life in the splendid, pleasant atmosphere of winter amidst the warm sunshine. Our column will be guidance on how to set a fine outdoor corner in your house for a lazy day, dinner or picnic. You will also visit a romantic sweet English country style house that hides itself in the ambience of Belle Villa Resort, and than move to a nice Persian – English garden at Villa Sansai.

Lively idol Nok Pawana – the devoted design, The Designer of the year Award in 2004, Lively People Work life and the concept of small angles. Person’s commendable.Rattanaphol Taja – Kome Tong Contemporary Lanna Arts. Which have a role in the development of Lanna design is accepted by both domestic and foreign beautifully.      

Preview Full Issue, Page 21 – 23, 26, 28 – 29 


Thank you, Mr. Jaturont Thanapura


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