KOME TONG CLASSIC 2012-2013SS Collection ‘Khun Phaen’ / ขุนแผน

KtC (Kometong Classic) ประจำฤดูใบไม้ผลิและฤดูร้อน 2555-2556 

KtC Spring/Summur 2012-2013 Collection ‘Khun Phaen’

The Tale of Khun Chang Khum Phaen is the most outstanding classic in the Thai language. The plot is a love story, set against a background of war, ending in high tragedy. This folk epic was first developed in oral form for popular performance with a fast-paced blend of romance, tragedy, and farce spiced with sex, warring, adventure, and the supernatural. It was later adopted by the Siamese court and written down, with two kings contributing. This first-ever translation is based on Prince Damrong’s standard edition of 1917–18, with over a hundred passages recovered from earlier versions.

Khun Chang Khun Phaen, Siam’s Great Folk Epic of Love and War

Two-Volume Slipcased Set

ISBN 978-974-9511-98-5
USD 100.00, THB 2,700

‘Khun Phaen and Kaeo Kiriy’ The Painting 1991 by Chakrabhand Posayakrit

This version contains the words, “Bosom sweetly spread open” (ทั้งอุรานั้นก็ผายลม้ายที) The bold and simple L-shaped structure of the painting, and the fabulously rich coloring, make this a stunning painting. The others in the series trail a little behind.

Coming soon.


~ by Rattanaphol Taja on August 5, 2011.

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