Kome Tong / 2012 A Look Inside

Charoenrat路上又一家不起眼的小店,KOME TONG灯饰店。店面很小,很容易便被忽略掉,但如果是从其橱窗前经过,肯定会被立刻吸引进去。店内售卖泰北兰纳文化的新派设计灯饰,──全部都由老板兼设计师Rattanaphol Taja一手包办奥。好厉害吼吼

Charoenrat on the road and a humble shop, KOME TONG lighting store.Store is very small, very easy to be ignored, but if it is from before the window through, is sure to be attracted into it immediately. Shop selling the new breed of northern Thailand’s Lanna culture design lighting, ─ ─ by the owner and designer of all single-handedly Rattanaphol Taja Austria. Amazing Houhou

Thank you so much for Photo’s 2012 my store.


~ by Rattanaphol Taja on January 8, 2012.

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