Rattanaphol Taja ‘Yo’ began his career in design as an architect but quickly branched out into other forms of creative expression. His label is an experimental and eclectic blend of traditional Lanna style and progressive fashion. The designs showcase structured silhouettes that play with proportion and colour. He draws on his architectural roots as basis for his designs along with the seasonal development of themes.

In 2000, Kome Tong established his own shop in Chiang mai, Lamps, Art, Craft and Design.

In 2004, Kome Tong Classic offering t-shirt, men’s casual wear.

In 2006, Kome Tong Classic expanded in to women’s wear, Kome Tong Classic first outside Thailand such as Thai embassy in Singapore.

In 2011, KtC and Kuwagata by Kome Tong, Spike’s Systems are built on the next generation incorporating the most innovative technologies,

Yo’s most important work are Chandelier Maker-designer as ‘Hor Kham Luang’ Royal Pavilion of the Flora Expo’06 in Chiang mai Thailand.

Yo’s love of “the ancient, the earth and the spiritual” serve as a basis for his inspiration, Chic and Contemporary style.

Today, Kome Tong and Kome Tong Classic, Already generating a name for himself as a designer who can adapt this distinct aesthetic to modern life.

For more information visit, www.iqons.com/rattanaphol+taja

Rattanaphol’s Kome Tong Classic, Interview Citylife magazine Chiang mai by Brooke Lew

Rattanaphol’s Kome Tong, Interview Perspective magazine Hong Kong by Annie Gotterson

Thank you to the both Writer.


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